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I love to shop in downtown flagstaff

Favorite Creek Trail IN SEDONA

A passion of mine:

Favorite hiking Trail in Flagstaff

Letting the animals out of their cages at our local shelter. If you would like to volunteer visit: Coconino Humane

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What year did you start your business?

Homemade Pasta...Italian Roots & a fellow Italian Comedian, Sebastian Maniscalco

2011, when I was 25 and my 1 year old son was my photography muse. My babies will always be my babies. See my cuties here.

My perfect hobby

Favorite Holiday

Halloween, look on my social media for my costumes

My family on Halloween!

Baking with my daughter, someday I will be a customer at her bake shop! Favorite Paleo Bakes: Paleo Running Mama

I was named a local expert by Redfin. Check out the article I was featured in and plan your next visit to Flagstaff:

What is Flagstaff, AZ Known For

Being a parent may mean having your hands full, but so is your heart. So many days when I am glued to my computer and starting to see double, all I need is 10 minutes playing on the trampoline with my kids to feel reset & happy. Is your inner child alive & well? Let it out today!

We are all sitting here waiting on the world to change, but may we always remind ourselves that some things don't need to change at all!


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