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I actually have a degree

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The Bachelor, fan since '02

Elementary/Special Education

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Small Woods...XL enlargements

My husband!

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2011, when I was 25

Homemade Pasta...Italian Roots

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Halloween, look on my social media for my costumes

Running, Gardening, Biking, Skiing, Baking

Being a parent may mean having your hands full, but so is your heart. So many days when I am glued to my computer and starting to see double, all I need is 10 minutes playing on the trampoline with my kids to feel reset & happy. Is your inner child alive & well? Let it out today!

We are all sitting here waiting on the world to change, but may we always remind ourselves that some things don't need to change at all!

We moved to Flagstaff, AZ in 2018 from Phoenix. It was a big commitment since my husband had to commute to the valley for work and spend weeks on end away from us. However, our goal was always to raise our kids in a small town with the ponderosa forest surrounding them. So we made a sacrifice to be apart and certainly it wasn't easy. But fast forward 3 years, my husband landed a job at APS and I get to photograph a beautiful town that gets a lot of out-of-town visitors with the Grand Canyon right next door! Flagstaff is home and I love photographing on Snowbowl or in Sedona's red rocks. Calling myself a Flagstaff golden hour photographer has succeeded all my dreams!


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