Down on One Knee...

Sedona screams for a surprise proposal in the red rocks! Therefore, Disney needs to take notes on this "Act of One True Love" thought of by this Oklahoma cowboy. Boy sends girl on a vacation with mom and sister to the beautiful red rocks of Sedona. No sooner, a surprise proposal in Sedona is just hours away from when she arrives. Than boy hops on a different flight to surprise his girl! Surprisingly, he pops out of a bush while his girl is taking pics with sister. Seriously, what a thoughtful man! Also, I love his ear to ear smile throughout the session. The moon had to come out to play at the end of our session to give us a few last moments of light.

How to Plan Your Surprise Proposal

Its the beginning of the next chapter of your life and you are ready to share it with someone special! I've heard from many men over the years that proposing feels like a whirlwind in the moment. So hiring me to be in the background is what I do best! Together we plan the details of the proposal over the phone. For example, I've had some guys tell their girlfriend they planned a photo session for something else like to celebrate their girl graduating college or just wanted to have an ordinary "couples" session. Then, boom, right in the middle of the session they get down on one knee. This is where you men can be as creative as you want. Another tactic, is I hide completely out of your girlfriends line of sight. This one takes a bit more planning where I show you where to propose in relation to the sun setting. Some men meet me a half hour before the session to get the positioning just right! Lastly, reach out if you want to plan a surprise proposal in Sedona or anywhere in Arizona!

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