bag handmade locally:

Robe Up!

It is surreal that I live next to NAU where I graduated from in 2013. Now when I spend an evening photographing on campus, I feel like I should still be riding my bike to class and hanging at my dorm in Riley Hall! It sure does go by in a blink of an eye.

Even though plans changed & trajectories rerouted, be proud of the journey you have taken. I am so grateful to celebrate your accomplishments. May these images always glow brightly in your eyes-memories captured like fireflies in a jar.

-Annie B.


I. Mini Portrait Package: Flagstaff Based

II. Full Portrait Package

60 minute sunset session

Three Outfits

Online Gallery

Your choice of 50 edited images



30 minute sunset session

One Outfit

Online Gallery

Your choice of 25 edited images