It has been my dream to plan a Lake Mary family session. Lake Mary is one of my favorite spots in Arizona to paddle board and watch the sunset with my kids. I love the reflection of golden-hour light off the lake that we could see while these parents played with their daughters. It was magical! This family brought a shawl that was hand knit by grandma for her girls to snuggle up with. I love when clients think to add sentimental pieces into their sessions. I highly recommend it!

Say "Yes" to a Stylized Family Session

Styling this beautiful family who recently moved to Flagstaff was amazing! A Lake Mary family session was a sweet surprise since this family hasn't explored all the beautiful lakes of Arizona yet. I love mom's cowgirl boots! My client sent my pictures of outfits she was debating on before the session. We narrowed it down to this flirty, off-the shoulder tan dress that is flattering. If you are planning a session, check out my style guide! Mom & daughter dresses are from Joyfolie

AZ Families with Daughters

There is nothing like raising a daughter. My husband and son are on a hunting trip for the weekend, so my daughter keeps saying "FINALLY, GIRL TIME!" So it has been much needed catching up on painting nails, baking everything pumpkin flavored, princess movies and sleeping in mom's bed (huge deal when you're 7!). I don't know what I would do without the glitz and glamor of a daughter! I am sure this family can relate with two lively daughters in their lace, green matching dresses.

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