My first newborn session:

I am proud to be an AZ newborn photographer! My first newborn I ever photographed was my own daughter nearly 10 years ago! She was my sweet muse that quickly led to many more babies in front of my lens once I shared my daughter's images publicly. I treasure these images below of me with my daughter during her first week of life. Check out how big she is now by referring to my About page! As cliche as it sounds, it really does go by in a flash. Relish in the stage your in because just like that it will be gone before you know it and hopefully at the end of all of it, you have raised a human being that loves life and loves others. 

Leading to being your AZ Newborn Photographer!

Since then, I have been a newborn editor for other Arizona photographers. I also have been named Expertise's best newborn photographer for 5 years straight. Newborn sessions actually terrified me for a long time. My heart would sink when I got a newborn inquiry. I would leave sessions dripping sweat and had countless more hours of editing. But after years of dreading them, I began finding my style as an AZ newborn photographer and tuning into what baby needs in the moment verses trying to control the session. You may have heard me say in a session, "Baby calls the shots!" because they truly run the entire shoot. It would have been a lot easier for me to give up on newborns, the second it terrified me but gave myself time to perfect my craft.  

White maxi dress from Baltic Born

Baby Flower Crown from Boho Halo Company

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