Scottsdale, AZ Maternity Photoshoot

Beauty in a Child-Free Session

Whether you have kids or are awaiting the arrival of you first child, it is a real treat to schedule a child-free session. Especially one like an Arizona fall colors maternity session! Don't get me wrong, I love chasing around your babies and singing lullabies to them but all parents and photographers need to schedule a day to reset. By comparison, with adults, I have the opportunity to take my time and tap into my artistic style. Therefore, I am able to take more risks since I am not rushing against time until kids need to eat or sleep. Coupled with a date, it sounds like the perfect evening to me!

Taking My Own Advice...

My husband and I treated ourselves to a child-free photography session as a special date when our kids were young. Certainly it was a treat to have a session where we could celebrate us and not have the responsibility of children at that moment. Following the session, we explored downtown Phoenix and went back to where my husband proposed to me at The Compass. Check it out here:

I included a picture of our child-free session at the end of this post photographed by

Dressed to Impress

Another key point is that I always say wear clothes with textures instead of patterns. Therefore the velvet warm, maroon texture of mom's dress draws the eye in. Keeping dad simple & sleek in a tan T-shirt and black jeans is a perfect accent to bring out mom's dress. After all mom is the star of the show with her sweet, little bump. To illustrate this Arizona fall colors maternity session was amazing with its golden leaves, fluttering in the breeze. Following a few short months later, this couple welcomed baby girl! See post here:

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Our Child-Free Session Too...

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